What does your voice say about YOU?

What does your voice say about YOU?

Most of us know that our voice will change when we are feeling intense emotions, but did you ever wonder WHY?  As it turns out, our voice is changed by ALL emotions, and by all of our experiences. In fact, the emerging field of EPIGENETICS is showing that we are affected by the experiences of our parents and even our Grandparents! The stress we experience leads to the activation of our nervous system, specifically the VAGUS nerve.

The VAGUS nerve uses 90% or so of it’s capacity to signal this activation upwards to our brain, and along the way passes directly through our throat. Nerve endings branch out from the vagus into the muscles of our neck, jaw, tongue, and face, so these tissues are “charged” with any stress or emotional energy.

This energy will reflect in our voice, and can be analyzed very precisely with the right software thanks to advances in computer speed and processing power When we perform Computerized Voice Analysis, we find the traces of these long-hidden patterns of stress, and the answers to many of our life-long questions, such as:

-WHY do my relationships fail or remain unsatisfying?

-WHY can’t I find work that is enjoyable and also make a living?

-WHY is my health still poor, despite my efforts at healing?

-WHY do I feel so STUCK?

A Voicemap, also known as a PERCEPTION INDEX, can give us vital clues.  A short voice recording is all it takes, and with the biofeedback function of EVOX software, we can finally clear the epigenetic blockages that are keeping you from the life                             YOU DESERVE!


For more information on this dynamic and life changing technology or to schedule a free consultation,contact Kevin at: soundhealthy@gmail.com or 239-278-4442


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